“….for those who have feet.”

A woman in the leper colony told us of their need for healthcare. The nearest hospital is far away and “is only accessible for those who have feet.” She also shared a desire for a “proper church”—they currently use a renovated barn. It wasn’t that they thought we could do anything about their needs directly, but she said that she gives this same message to all who come and ask that they tell others about their needs.

Leper Colony Visit

Leper Colony Visit

The chief of this humble group added a few other items to their wish list. He explained that they only survived the recent conflict because they had a boat and were able to escape to the other side of the Nile. Now that boat is gone and he worries what he can do to protect his people with no means of escape should another war occur. He also asked for a grinding mill so they could make some of their own food instead of relying on people from the nearby village to bring them their meals. The chief’s final wish was for leprosy medicine for their children so that they don’t suffer the same fate as the adults.

There are 12 adults and 9 children living in the leper colony. We shared a time of fellowship, singing and prayer during our brief visit.

Since the time of our visit, we are very pleased to announce that a local hospital has opened a clinic in the village near the leper colony. While not a full hospital, this new service will provide basic health care for the village and for those in the leper colony. Hopefully, this clinic will also be able to monitor the health of those in the leper colony and determine if past treatment has been effective in arresting the progression of the illness.

Next time we visit the village, we’d like to have some bandages to offer. Handmade bandages are washable and durable for long term use. Please consider helping us make bandages for those in the village. You can find instructions here.