Project Update November 3

Dear Friends,

Two months from now, Dan and I will be en-route to South Sudan.  What a very short amount of time to accomplish a lot of preparation.

 First a financial report.  As you may have hear, we need to raise a total of $10,000.  So far we have received $2,405.  We need an additional $3050 by the end of November so we can purchase our airline tickets!   If you have already sent a gift, THANK YOU!  If that is still on your to do list, let me try and make it as easy as possible. 

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Now for a project update.

Most of the work we will do on this trip will be establish systems to education people in food production.  We Will NOT be handing out food.  We WILL be designing a training program that will allow Daniel (a trained member of the Solar Sudan Team) to teach other Sudanese about food production techniques.  This is vital as the government is estimating that they only have enough food to feed half the population of the country this year.

 Daniel is returning to South Sudan on November 29, having completed his agricultural training at Tillers International.  He will get the chicken housing constructed so that we are ready for the birds when Dan and I arrive in January.  He will also begin finding the animals needed to train for plowing.

 We have had some very exciting developments in the area of treatment of East Coast Fever in cattle.  It is estimated that 80% of the people in South Sudan depend on their cattle for their own survival.  If ECF hits a herd, it can wipeout 80 – 100% of the animals.  Read more here:  We are now working with a veterinarian who works in Uganda and specializes African livestock disease.  Things are looking very promising.

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 And pray that we may reach the people of Sudan with the Gospel through this agricultural project.

For His glory,

Dan and Teresa