Dan and TeresaDan and Teresa serve by using strategic development efforts to disciple believers and initiate programs to strengthen individuals, families and communities and mobilize the local church in ministry to their unreached neighbors. Dan and Teresa are sent through Commission to Every Nation and seconded to ACROSS, a South Sudanese led ministry with a vision for wholistic, Christ-centered transformation in South Sudan and beyond.

Dan uses his skills in Agriculture and teaching to bring biblical principles to everyday work. His agricultural training has a stewardship focus and is always well attended as he’s taught it in communities on three continents. In his spare time, Dan loves to research and develop social content on issues impacting the global church.

Teresa serves as advisor to ACROSS leadership and supports the ministry in partner relations and organizational development. She also teaches English at Nile Theological College and is trained in Simply the Story oral Bible study method. In her spare time, Teresa writes devotional material and narrative non-fiction pieces for books and magazines.