Arriving in Werkok

Dan called to say he has made it to Werkok. He did have some excitement though and almost missed his airplane. Evidently, his cell phone quit changing time zones and he used that for an alarm clock. He missed his taxi and was trying to figure out what to do when a guy on a motorcycle said, “I can get you to the airport.” Dan looked at his two bags, each weighing 50 lbs, plus his carry on – another 30 lbs – and asked how they could do that. Well in South Sudan, that is no big thing. They strapped the heaviest bag to Dan’s back and put the other two on a second motorcycle. and off they went.

When he arrived in Bor, he saw that the whole place is filled with soldiers. They’ve even called in the women’s reserve forces. They are preparing for the rebel leader to make a move. These troops were armed much more heavily than the normal AK-47, they had shoulder launchers and the like. Praying for a peaceful resolution.

Dan is now at work on the hospital compound. He is going to teach people how to keep the vegetables producing during the dry season. He found that the compound tomatoes, eggplant and okra were on the verge of dying. Today he will teach how to bring them back by trimming them and setting up a drip irrigation system. It was a balmy 102 when he arrived. A little better than the previous few days of 115+.