Vacillating about Vaccination

To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate.  Are you vacillating?  A vaccination helps us build antibodies so our bodies instantly recognize what is not harmful and dangerous to us and have a ready-made defense.  I won’t  get involved in the controversy regarding Covid but there is a  wonderful spiritual application to be seen.  It reminds me of the verse “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee” Ps. 119:11.  Are we vaccinating against the schemes of the enemy by scripture application and memorization and discipling others to do so also?  Here in South Sudan, we are doubling down on our efforts to disciple. 

Martin and Peace Teaching in a Local Workshop

We have added a new member to our Transformational Leadership: Church and Community Engagement team, Martin Opio, an agriculturalist who was previously training at the YWAM base in Arua, Uganda. The intention is that Martin can do training and I can focus on strategic goals such as writing curriculum and eventually a book called Relief from Relief: The Quest for Mutual Blessing.  Through Martin, the discipleship and Christian worldview training will continue even when I am out of the country and even when I am doing research for writing.

Another focus that will soon be launched is WhatsApp training.  Teresa has been teaching her English students through WhatsApp and so I am seeing a new opportunity that increases my capacity to enlarge my discipleship ministry.  Already I have been engaged in extensive online mentoring through Messenger.  I try never to miss an opportunity whenever communicating with my African friends online.  I engage by asking them what is their plan to steward local resources through local believers to increase time and funding dedicated toward the Great Commission or evangelism/discipleship.  This usually enters into a discussion that fills a gaping gap: for local believes to move to maturity and root out the local lies “winds of doctrine” (Eph. 4:14) that lead to dependency and entitlement.  The local excuses for dependency and entitlement (learned helplessness–like children) are part of the “cunning craftiness”. Those engaged in making excuses for their inability to steward local resources love company (“lie in wait to deceive”) through their “cunning and craftiness” or fabricated excuses or deceptions.

You can join me by becoming an online mentor and I will be introducing you to teaching methods and Christian worldview material you can share with others with friends stateside and around the world.  Some of you have already received friend requests from my friends and the door is wide open for you to engage and join me in discipleship.  If you would like to be involved please contact me at [email protected].  You will learn the common misconceptions that lead to dependency and entitlement and help me develop the skills (truth coaches from God’s word) to steer people into maximal engagement, taking leadership using personal gifts and talents, in the Great Commission.  Please pray about your involvement.