Field Report from Colombia

Looks like Dan is busy. Here is a report of just the most recent few days in Colombia.

ImageToday and tomorrow I am in Guambiano working with the Guambiano Indians.  They are planting quinoa and I have taken two soil samples to send to the lab for analysis.  They need help with soil fertility of which there is a great deal of problem as the soils are very acidic and that means nutrients are not very available.  I am trying to encourage liming of the soils.  We saw a trout farm today and there are many of them in the area owned by church members.  They want help producing and raising the trout from eggs but there is not much involved to do that so I am trying to find other sources at a competitive price.

Yesterday I went to Popayan to try to find grafted fruit trees from which grafting wood could be taken and also to look for Angora rabbits.  Making some progress on both, particularly the fruit trees.

The day before I went to Silvia and met with a mixed group of Guambiano Indians and others of mixed decent.  They raise trout, pineapple cherries and two forms of tomato tree type fruits.  I took two soil samples to send to the lab.  They have fertility problems.

I have also been working on a number of things at Nasa Communidad such as how to preserve the bamboo, how to build the toilets, and how to be more intensive in raising the crops.