His Bags are Packed and He’s Ready to Go!

His bags are packed and he’s ready to go—well almost.

GE DIGITAL CAMERATomorrow, Dan takes off for his next mission, and this time he’s back to our home base of eastern Africa on a three country circuit. He’ll teach tomato grafting and greenhouse production for 3 weeks in Kenya and then he’ll be traveling among ministry partners and potential partners in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. He’ll wrap up the trip by working with Michael at Memorial Christian Hospital to implement new agricultural procedures for the coming dry season.

Some have asked why tomato grafting in Kenya when we work with people in South Sudan. Well two reasons.

1. Smallholder farms comprise the livelihood of 80% of the people in the Rift Valley and tomatoes are their main crop. Dan’s experience in soil sanitation and his ability to troubleshoot problems will provide a real benefit to families working hard to make a living.

2. This opportunity helps offset the cost of travel to South Sudan.  USAID is funding the tomato project in Kenya and that allows Janzens in South Sudan to save the largest cost of travel—the ticket from Grand Rapids, MI to Nairobi, Kenya and back.

So the donations that our supporters make can go even further to help the people of South Sudan.

I’m working on a top ten list for why we do what we do in South Sudan. Here is my first draft.

  1. We have been blessed so we can bless others.
  2. The people of South Sudan have asked for our help.
  3. As the newest and least developed country on the planet, South Sudan is the place where our efforts can have the most impact.
  4. We feel our life’s purpose is in this work.
  5. The work that was started in the early 1900s was interrupted by years of war. Therefore community transformation has not yet occurred.
  6. We want to see how quickly we can work ourselves out of a job.
  7. The people are happy, hospitable and eager to help their new nation develop.
  8. The South Sudan sun provides extra vitamin D, and that keeps us happy.
  9. The local food provides excellent weight loss opportunities for those with a western pallet. There are no Doritos or Little Debbie snack anywhere.
  10. Where else can a seed grow into a 12 foot tree in one year?

If you would like to partner financially donations may be sent to: 
Partners in Compassionate Care, 1000 Front Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (include a note indicating the donation is for Dan and Teresa Janzen). Or online at www.pccsudan.org and click the donate button. (please include “Dan and Teresa Janzen” in the note field).