Arrival at Good Neighbors

Dan has arrived at the Good Neighbors site, north of Nairobi, where he will be teaching for the next couple of weeks. He sent me a brief update, and I hope to hear more soon. Here is what he has to say:

IMG_0197I met with Zippy who heads up the Good Neighbors Community Project. She really liked my soil blocker idea and is going to replicate it locally. She also likes the SWIM chlorine maker. I think I will have to leave it here. Perhaps you can send another two of them with Kevin when he goes into South Sudan, as I imagine I will not have any left by the time I get to South Sudan.

Things are working out very well with the Good Neighbors Community Program. We will set up the program like we did last year in Bor, South Sudan by having the students present how they will use the information at the end of the program. However, this is much bigger program than I had realized. Instead of one training, they are planning for 2 training programs with 60 students each and those 60 are expected to train 600 for a total of 1200 people trained.

Dan is still struggling with some type of virus. He has a bad sore throat and this could make teaching very difficult. Please remember him in prayer. Thank you!

From the home front,