My Christmas List

While preparing a program for our visit with the Murle this winter, I found an incredible resource—an iTunes podcast series of the New Testament in the Murle language. Not just Murle, but hundreds of languages. What a treasure!

We’ve used solar powered audio Bibles before, but I really struggle finding the passage I need with no display and only a foreign language to guide me. How great would it be to select the book and chapter from a touchscreen? I turned to Dan and said, “I want an iPod for Christmas.”

He was a little confused because that is not what he would expect to hear from me. Frankly, I never thought an iPod would be on my Christmas list either. Then when I saw the price of them, I was shocked.

I continued to search for options, but I kept coming back to the iPod. We need some storage space to download the podcast episodes—ideally for the entire Bible in at least two languages and maybe more in the future. Then we’d like to add the Jesus Story movie in several languages if there is video capabilities, but that is really secondary. The iPod seems to be made for this purpose and has the battery staying power we need between power sources.

Maybe an old iPod, or a used one?

Do you have an old iPod that you’d like to donate* so that we can share the Bible in the heart language of the people we visit in South Sudan? If we receive more than one, we can multiply our efforts.

Dan and I leave for South Sudan on February 12th. We are going to use an oral Bible study method called “Simply the Story” to share and teach scriptural truths with the people in Pibor and in Werkok. For this we will use scripture in Dinka and Murle. Dan will also be teaching agriculture using his curriculum on stewardship.

Please continue to pray for our preparations for this upcoming trip.

Contact us to donate an iPod, or simply mail to:

Dan and Teresa Janzen
606 S Clay St.
Greenville, MI  48838

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*A gift-in-kind tax receipt can be issued from Partners in Compassionate Care