Connected by a Thread

I’m one of those people on airplanes that likes to strike up a conversation with fellow travelers—especially on long flights. I love to hear about people and their reasons for traveling. My thought is that if I’m going to spend 8 hours hip to hip with a person, occasionally climbing over them to get out and possibly falling asleep on their shoulder, I should get to know them a little.

On my long flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi, I was assigned a middle seat in the very rear of the plane. My companion on one side did not speak any English and my companion on the other appeared to want a little rest. So I tried to occupy myself, sans conversation. I read. I watched a movie. I read some more. Finally, I broke out my crochet project—bandages for the leper colony near our base in Werkok.

“What are you making?” the resting woman asked. I told her I was making a bandage, and then I told her why. She told me that she likes to crochet to unwind and she’d love to crochet for a cause. We exchanged contact information so that she could make bandages and send them to me. Soon we were chatting about our trips and our respective families.

We’re all connected in some way. Just a tiny piece of crochet thread brought this stranger into my life. I certainly hope I hear from her and perhaps someday we will meet again.